Singapore Storage – Why & How should you Declutter?

Singapore Storage (Pack and Store) – Do you have too much stuff at home that drains or frustrates you? Do you find your dining table over flowing with mails, walkway blocked with toys, rooms filled with books. If this is what you see and feel everyday, you need to control your clutter.

Decluttering your home - Singapore Storage

How should you then choose what is to be put to Self Storage or Singapore Storage companies? Research have highlighted on the negative effects of clutter to your lives. Clutter often results in lower productivity, higher stress and unhappiness, therefore, it is important to declutter now!

Understanding what Clutter does to your life

Clutter happens for a few reasons, the item has sentimental value, the item is costly and it is a waste to throw or give it away, even if you have not used it for months or even years. You might be waiting for the right time to wear the gorgeous evening gown for the special occasion. A matter of fact, these items should never have been bought in the first place, and you are unable to accept that things items are no longer required. You may even feel pain, to dispose the items you feel that you have a connection with.

One often faces inability to focus or process information effectively, and multiple studies have shown that human performance deteriorate drastically when placed in a organised and cluttered environment. The stress level increases with the amount of clutter as physical clutter overloads your senses and impairs ones ability to think effectively.

Clutter affects your physical and mental health. Clutter can be a fire hazard. Dust collected can result in allergies and asthma. Should you choose to dispose them, donate them or store them with Singapore Storage or Self Storage Companies? So what can you do about it?

Defining Clutter

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To start, you have to decide what qualifies as a clutter and this task can only be accomplished by you. There are two general types of clutter, Memory clutter that reminds you of important events, Someday clutter,  items you wont dispose as you might require it in the future, someday. Clutter control is about balancing the items you need for the past, present and future.

Clutter Control: Start With a Vision

Start off with a vision and goal of what you want. Do you want your bedroom to be a restful place after a hard day of work or to spend time with your partner? You may want to keep your laptop and TV away from this room. Ask yourself: What do I want from this space? You will know what is a clutter and not.

Ability to decide if an item constitutes to a clutter:

Improve your ability to decide if an item is a clutter or not, at the point of purchase, to control the clutter. Before you purchase, decide if its impulsive purchase. Do you purchase an item because you need it, or because it is on discount.  When you purchase new clothes, part with the old ones to stop clutter from creeping to your life. Improving on your ability to decide if an item ultimately leads to a clutter control. The next time you see a discount coupon or mail, decide there and then to keep or toss it.

Clutter Control-Start from a small area:

Decluttering your home is an ongoing process and not a one off event. It can be a daunting task to declutter your entire home at one go. Start from a small area in your home, it can be a bookshelf or room. Segregate your items to things that you use, put to storage or self storage, to throw or to donate.

Parting with your clutter-Storing with Singapore Storage Companies

Pack and Store

For items you choose to put to storage , you can put them away with on demand storage or self storage provider within Singapore. On demand singapore storage companies like Pack and Store offers convenient, on demand storage solution to you, and provide all packing materials to you at no cost. In addition, all boxes are sealed with tamper evident labels, so that you can be sure the boxes has never been tampered with. Best of all, prices starts from $6.30 per XXL box per month. Click on this link to see how on demand storage works.

If you wish to donate these items for a good cause, Salvation Army can be a good place to start with. Once you are able to control your clutter effectively, schedule regular dates on your calendar for periodic decluttering. Set a reminder for these dates.


Benefits of a Clutter Free Home:

Declutter your home

In conclusion, with less clutter, you will start to control your life and take better care of yourselves. Your emotions and attitude improves as a result of decluttering and you feel less stressed up. Once the clutter is cleared up, your focus and productivity improves. Take charge of your lives now.