On demand Storage: Taking the self out of Self Storage

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Problems with Self-Storage


Need a temporary or permanent storage for your items? Unable to move your items to the self storage facility? Expensive storage at self storage facilities? Every changing storage prices? These problems are all too common when you are looking to store your items.

What options do you have?

Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to storage. Customers are no longer limited to storing at self storage facility and settling for the contracts offered. On demand storage offer convenient, secure, and affordable on-demand storage choices at you fingertips.The first question that comes to your mind: Is on demand storage really better than self storage facilities:At self storage facilities, customers have to do all the moving into the unit themselves, find a space large enough for the giant storage box to be placed. Customers often have to rent a bigger space than they actually need. This only leads to wasted space and wasted money.
At Pack and Store, we have decided to make storage even better.

Why store with an on-demand storage?

The following are the benefits when you store with a on-demand storage:

• Offers full service storage at your fingertips

• Brings packing materials to you

• Safety of items: All items are tagged with tampered evident security labels

• Pay only for what you use on what you use
• Optimum contract-free flexibility, there is a minimum 3 months storage period required.

• Does all the heavy-lifting for you

Every step of the on-demand storage process can be controlled via your account online. From requesting an estimate to booking a pickup time, to tracking your stuff, and then having it all redelivered, do almost all the “work” without having to leave your desk or couch. On-demand full service storage is at your fingertips, which means you can put your boxes down and feet up!

How do you start?

Storage is never easier. Find out more by visiting our website Send us an email at support@packandstore.com.sg or call us at 68026889 today.